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This blog was started to follow my progress though my MA. It has been converted into a general blog about my none commercial art activities and my academic adventure. The blog is mainly concerned with work I have produced in associated with my research and academic practice.

About Me

Ever since I developed my first roll of film in the school darkroom at the age of 14 I have been hooked on the magic of pictures. Unfortunately, a family and a career got in the way being an artist. It was not until I had the chance to retire early that the creative cork popped out of the bottle and I have been fizzing ever since.

The choices were simple, day time TV, Golf or scratch the creative itch. I enrolled for a life class, took an art foundation course, and loved it. A great review of my foundation show, a bit of cheek and the kind support of Wills Art Warehouse in Putney and a sell out for my first show gave me the break I needed and I have not looked back.

A new career as an academic researcher and as a practicing artist beckoned. A BA, an MA and now a nearly completed PhD keep me out of mischief. I still find time to exhibit, complete commissions and get excited about a new Artist in Residence commission for LeftCoast and Wyre Borough Council, which is about to keep me busy for the next 7 months. 

I could be described as a “multi-media” artist; my first choice medium is photograph both digital and alternative. I use the images I create as the basis for experimental multi/mixed media artwork, which ranges from transfer printing to collage and decoupage. I paint, draw add create robotic drawing machines and alternative cameras, such as pinhole and camera obscura. I create audio visual and video artwork and computer based generative art. I also write poetry. My inspiration is taken from urban decay, ruin and dereliction,  metaphors for the frailty of memory. I am interested in art as therapy, particularly for the socially isolated and those with age related issues such as dementia.

I am available for commissions, project management, mentoring and consultation. Fine art, public and corporate art and photography, see my website

My works currently represented by Wills Art Warehouse, Putney, London and Dot-Art, Liverpool. 

You are never too old to live your dream! Go 4 it..........Go 4art 

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