Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Simulation of Exhibition Installation - The Originary Moment

The video shows a simulation an exhibition installation in which 3 back-projected videos are overlaid by the imaged created by a whole room Camera Obscura.

The concept behind the installation is a simulation of the originary moment in the invention of photography when Henry Fox Talbot viewed the scene of Lake Como from the balcony of his hotel room on the screen of his portable Camera Obscura and dreamt of a way of fixing the image he saw by capturing the light or by painting with the light as he put it. His sole intention being to remember the spectacular view and to be able to share it with others on his return home. The originary moment is contrasted with the reality of his dream, the banal snapshot photograph. Which is represented here by the negative space of a quintessential snapshot pose, In this case the focus of my PhD research , a snapshot of my "first day at school" taken by my father.

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