Saturday, October 8, 2011

Torn Faces

During year 3 my enquiry was concerned with the aesthetic experience of urban decay. The work explores the layers of history, the ephemera of urban decay as represented by torn posters or peeling paint and the notion of nostalgia. Torn posters and peeling paint have long been the subject of the aesthetic experience. Many artists have employed such motif in their work, Mimmo Rotella, Raymond Haynes, Jacques de la Villeglé. Such work present a challenge to visual perception as the observer endeavours to translate the fragments and vestiges of overlapping images, the video explores this complex perceptual relationship offered by the duality of the fixed and moving image. In the original installation a reflection of the viewers face provides an additional layer of complexity.

The ghostly moving image with the style of a stilted amateurish home movie provokes memory and a notion of nostalgia of a family event against the fixed ambiguous image of decay and what may appear to be the vestige of a familiar portrait. The changing juxtaposition of the elements invokes uncertainty and questions perception, an allegory for memory and recollection.

This piece of work was created as part of the final project at the end of the second year and initiated a departure in my work from 2D mixed media collage to the moving image.

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