Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nostalgic Vision

Nostalgic Vision - Mirror, Acrylic, Video

Following on from the idea developed for the year 2 final project I experimented with de-constructing the layers in the video into a physical representation of the idea.

During year 3 I was exploring the relationship between the nostalgic photograph and memory and remembering. The challenge was how to visualise this. I was intrigued by possibility of incorporating the reflection of the viewer as the first layer rather than the torn poster used in the previous project. I experimented with distressed mirror, where part of the reflective surface had been removed. Behind this there was a transparent layer incorporating facial features from a nostalgic photograph. Finally there was a moving image. I experimented with various options but ended up using the same home movie video from the previous project.I was interested to discover that a reflective front element was a feature of Keith Coventry's John Moores winning painting "Spectrum Jesus" .

It was difficult to simulate the viewer experience in this video, because it is not possible to simulate the reflection of the viewer and the fact that the viewer could move to change the point of view through the mirror.

The response of viewers was interesting, most managed to resolve the images after a few moments viewing and commented on the nostalgic response to what was being viewed.

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