Friday, September 14, 2012

MA Art Show: Object - Memory

As part of my recently completed dissertation Self:The Photograph, Memory, Nostalgia I had to include a Practice based exhibition. This will take the form a joint show with fellow MA candidate David Ogle, in the LICA Building at Lancaster University LA1 4YW. Preview - Friday 21st September at 6pm, Show open from: Saturday 22nd till Friday 27th September 10am till 4 pm.

This practice based series of installations explores nostalgia,the fragility of memory and mortality through the lens of the family snapshot and the family photograph album. The overriding theme is the notion that the sense of self and agency as an artist is informed by nostalgia and the autobiographical memory through the photograph. The installations utilise the iPad, digital and analogue projected images as a means of visualisation. Below are images from my sketchbooks. This installation Serendipity - explores the emotion of nostalgia and memory through the lens of the family photograph. Using the idea of the walls of a living space images of black and white photographs copied in-situ from the family photograph album are digitally protected on to the walls. Over the top are projected colour slides using original slides and a Kodak Carousel projector. The images come together in a random fashion often creating a serendipitous juxtaposition to form a third image which combines of the elements of both images in an uncanny fashion.

 Serendipity - Wall Projection Photoshop Mock Up
 Serendipity - Wall Projection Test Set-up

The show is being held in association with fellow MA candidate David Ogle.This is an example of Davids' spectacular sculptural work.

David describes his work thus:The immediacy and linear quality of drawing naturally lends itself to my way of working. Growing out of this, my sculptural work aims to take the fundamental properties of drawing (with a focus on flatness and line) and transfer these into new spatial situations. Physical spaces are intersected by lines and forms that optically flatten an environment, each step the viewer takes offering a new perspective on extruding entities that seem to discard any kind of three-dimensional physicality.

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